A town on the western end of Mandragorran. It is known widely as a seedy city that houses dangerous slums, drug trade, and crime. As a result…it is a very active port.

Points of Interest

Argrim Armory (PH 1-3, AV 1, 10,000gp limit)

The only official source of weaponry in Argrim. Although the city is a known hub of black market weapon trade, the Armory still flourishes.

Fighters Guild

Argrim does not employ a local guard, but instead outsources its security to the local Fighters Guild chapter. They area provided full authority to arrest, detain, and interrogate lawbreakers before releasing them to the government for trial.

Northern Slums

Northern Slums is certainly not an Argrim government approved name, but the northern portion surrounding the school is often called exactly that. The area is most dense with youth, broken families, and petty crime. A government controlled section of housing provides shelter for its inhabitants.

Port Authority

The first stop for most arrivals, the local Port Authority reviews all incoming shipments. They also have been provided authority to interview any seafarers and deny entrance to Argrim if they are considered “unfavorable characters”.

Seaside Magii (PH 1-3, 7000gp limit)

A shop of magic located along the coast. They are reasonably successful and have a good inventory.

School of Argrim

Most schools would usually refer to a university, school of magic, or something of the sort. The School of Argrim actually serves as a basic learning facility for the troubled youth in the surrounding area.


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