Half orc barbarian.


With a never ending bloodlust, this Barbarian seeks to better himself through war, to defend what is his, and to find his clan once more to deliver his own brand of justice. When enraged, he is unable to tell friend from foe and proceeds to devour his victims.


Born of a human mother, Gel’Thul was abandoned to the Orcs by his family. He was left to the most powerful Orc family currently established in the world, the Shatter Fang Clan. Due to some twist of fate, Gel’Thul’s arrival as an infant fit a prophecy in the Orc world left unheard to other races and hidden from Gel’Thul himself. Where a Half-Orc would normally be killed on sight, Gel’Thul was begrudgingly raised by the Orcs in ways considered torture to most other creatures. Raised with an intense hatred of Orcs and Humans, Gel’Thul chose his fate when he slaughtered a shaman during a full moon ritual in service to Gruumsh. He wasn’t met with any enthusiasm in the human civilizations either, being chased out upon arrival. After some years of mercenary work and private training, Gel’Thul plots to rid the world of the clan that sealed his fate as an outcast.


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