The Red Torches

The Red Torches were a terrorist group led by Julian Torch that was based in Glasspine.

Political Motivation

The Red Torches had been known to spread an anti-communist message and expressed the goal to bring Glasspine back to “former glory.” This was assumed to be targeted toward the autocracy created by Liam Eldeen.

Acts of Terrorism

The Red Torches committed several acts of violence against the Glasspine government, but three of which are the most notable:

1. The town hall was set ablaze in 3 BGW, but was rebuilt in weeks.
2. There was a public slaying of a Glasspine Guardian in 2 BGW.
3. In late Year 0 (December), members of the Red Torches were accused of killing innocent citizens. This was the first time that the assailants were caught and convicted. Their public execution was scheduled for January 1st, 1AGW.

Further Controversy

It was speculated that Glasspine officials could have taken care of the Red Torch threat with relative ease, but left them an entity in order to inspire fear in the citizens. There are also several sympathizers that claim there is no proof that the Red Torches are truly responsible for any of the three major attacks, especially the last.


On January 2nd of 1 AGW, Julian Torch was killed by the Blackwater Adventuring Company. After which it was publicly revealed by local activist Jasiat Eran that Julian was a traitor to both the Torches and the people of Glasspine. Julian was an accomplice to Rskalir Hammond and Liam Eldeen by performing these acts of violence solely to secure the autocratic government. The Red Torches was built upon a lie.

The Red Torches have since disbanded.

The Red Torches

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