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Blackwater Adventuring Company

It has only been a year since The Goblin War and those who fought must now find their place in the world…

Places :

The Nation of Mandragorran
Argrim – Western port city known for its very…diverse trade. Third town visited.
Cenandira – Northwestern small, proud port town. Militaristic. Second town visited.
Glasspine – Middle West medium-sized city, underwent significant political change. First town visited.
Irith – Southernmost metropolis. In ruins since the war, yet to be revisited.
Wolfden Vale – Northeastern city, advanced technology, militaristic. Main source of weaponry during the war.

The Nation of Vanya’laide
Tessaran – Unknown

People :

PCs :

Blackwater Adventuring Company
Erik Alain
Johann Van Der Pol

NPCs :

Allastair Bertram – King of Wolfden Vale
Almeria – Drug/Slave Cartel
Brotherhood of Thieves
Clem Watson (Deceased) – A lovable farm owner and family man
Council of Kings – Coalition of leaders formed during the Goblin War
Duras Family – High profile, rich family heavily involved in trade
The Father of the Ocean – High ranking smuggler involved with Almeria
Ferindar Roydiaan Mandragorran Ambassador to Vanya’laide and de facto leader of the Elves of Tessaran
Captain Horace – Former captain of the Cenandiran guard
Jasiat Eran – Current Chancellor of Glasspine, all-around good guy
Jordan Eran – Son of Jasiat, Commander of Glasspine Guardians
Jennifer Mae Watson – Wife of Clem Watson
Julian Torch (Deceased) – Former leader of the Red Torches
Kaylin Admar – Current Captain of the Cenandiran guard
Liam Eldeen (Deceased) – Former Duke of Glasspine
Marianne Watson – Daughter of Jennifer Mae and Clem, Johann’s love interest
Mikel – Second in command of the Brother of Thieves
Nolan Eran – Brother of Jasiat, Leader of Fighter’s Guild
The Red Torches – Disbanded terrorist group based in Glasspine
Rskalir Hammond (Deceased) – Former Secretary of Glasspine
Seregil (Deceased) – Young Elven citizen of Tessaran
Spencer Duras (Deceased) – Current head of the Duras family
Tári Súrion – (Deceased) Former Monarch of Tessaran
Turius – Unknown Identity
The Warriors of Larethian – Elven Vanya’laide military force
Wilhelm Van Der Pol – (Deceased) Brother of Johann
Woljech – Captain of Argrim’s Fighers Guild
Wyatt (Deceased) – Former Captain of the Southtown Queen

Things :

AGW – New date suffix, “After Goblin War”
CS Blackwater – 1) Commandeered Defiant, 2) Commandeered Southtown Queen
The Demon’s Dust
Goblin War
Red Cough

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