Goblin War

The Goblin War was a conflict between the dark Goblin and Orc forces led supposedly by the Dark Lord Turius and the forces of Irith. It lasted for three years and has left the majority of the southern continent of Mandragorran in dangerous shambles.


It is said that Turius, a human Warlock, went mad and sailed across the unknown seas to a continent rumored to be vile and evil. There, he gave his body and soul to an unnamed dark creature that granted him a vast army. He then sailed back to the southern coast of Mandragorran with only the desire to exterminate all life.



The southernmost metropolis of Irith fought the first wave and then called for the aid of other kingdoms. For the first time, they united against an opposing force. Though they were pushed farther and farther north, the forces of Irith were able to halt the onslaught.

The final battle, called now the “Last Battle of Irith” occurred on December 16th, 1031 OA.


Dark forces branched their Southern attack Westward to the island and nation of Vanya’laide, the Elven homeland. Little information was disclosed about the conflict in Fairmeadow other than when it began and when it ended, but the Elves did become a part of the Council of Kings.

Minor skirmishes on the island did not end until the end of year 1032 OA, with an official report of peace that became the official declaration of the war’s end on December 31st, 1032 OA.


As a result of the devastation and effect on the continent’s politics, it was decided by the Council of Kings that times had to change. It was to start again in the name of Mandragorran and their known world would be once again in year 1.
It is estimated that over 30,000 lives were lost in the conflict. Three major southern cities were abandoned as were countless villages and towns.

The post-war Mandragorran is now a home to many wandering veterans, some of whom were never warriors to begin with. Some were mere men, some were Elves, and some were Dwarves earning simple livings in simple lives. It is said some still aimlessly wander the barren southern wastelands. It is also said they are slowly trickling back into the North to find a home in this new world in year 1 AGW.

Goblin War

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