Glasspine, a town of more than a hundred years of existence, is a well-paved, mostly grey center of craftsmanship and trade. Its main bases of political and miltary operation are within the North and South Guard Towers, Barracks, and Town Hall.

Recent Political Unrest

For the past five years, there had been an ongoing conflict between Glasspine’s military and the terrorist group, The Red Torches. Duke Eldeen’s rise to power had shifted Glasspine toward an Autocracy and trade had become more isolated. All goods being created in Glasspine were no longer being traded out of the town and some businesses were “acquired” by the government.

The acquisition was resulting in slavery through fear and extreme political pressure until the arrival of Blackwater Adventuring Company.


Blackwater, after being framed for assassination, ousted the Red Torches as a government ran organization to keep the masses afraid and docile. They eliminated the main oppressors Julian Torch, Rskalir Hammond, and Liam Eldeen.

They placed Jasiat Eran as chancellor of Glasspine to lead in their recovery which has resulted in a successful rebuilding of infrastructure and democratic politics.

Fenix of the Blackwater Adventuring Company has also been hailed as a local hero and was promoted to Captain of the Guard in early January despite his absence. He has also been depicted in artwork and pro-Jasiat propaganda that has been posted all over Glasspine to no one’s complaint. Jasiat has appointed his son Jordan Eran as Commander of the Guard, just below Fenix’s rank.


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