Dark Lord Turius

Turius is a human man who is supposedly responsible for the Goblin War. It is his madness-induced journey to an unknown land that brought back the dark armies of goblins and orcs.

Sightings were reported during the war, describing Turius as a towering warlock in robes long and deep black. He would appear during battles and disappear just as quickly and indescribably as he would appear.

His body, if he truly exists, has never been found.


In late January of 0 AGW, Blackwater Adventuring Company discovered a tie between trafficking ring Almeria, a blood cult of Orcus, and an Ice Mage known as Wilhelm Van Der Pol that led to the Dark Lord.

Women brought by sea from the Northern areas of Mandragorran were shipped to Argrim, a city of great corruption and crime, to be sacrificed in a cavern beneath the Duras Mansion which sat upon Mount Irith before its destruction. The reason for the sacrifices was found to be for the apparent summoning of the ancient demon of legends, Mojadiin. Her rebirth was done in the name of Turius and their god, Orcus.

Dark Lord Turius

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