Council of Kings

The Council of Kings was founded on May 7th, 1030 OA. It consisted of members of the following nations:

- Cenandira
- Glasspine
- Argrim
- Irith
- Wolfden Vale
- Vanya’laide (Translation: Fairmeadow)

The respective kings or leaders of these nations convened and joined forces upon being urged by Lyon Stormbringer, King of Irith Mandragorran’s largest kingdom. Their year-long struggle with the Orc and Goblin forces had only become more strenuous and began to threaten the rest of the world.

It was their joining of forces that ended the onslaught at Irith, preventing the evil force’s passage into the Northern portions of Mandragorran.

Post-War Disbandment

Though not officially disbanded, the Council has yet to meet again since the Goblin War’s ending declaration on December 31st, 1032 OA. There has been little to no communication between the kingdoms since.

Council of Kings

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