Blackwater Adventuring Company

A group of veterans of the Goblin War now surviving as mercenaries.


The following incidents have been recorded and credited as acts influenced or performed by Blackwater Adventuring Company.

Glasspine Reformation and Wolfden Vale Feud

After politicians Liam Eldeen and Rskalir Hammond (and terrorist Julian Torch) were murdered, it was reported that their deaths were carried out by Blackwater Adventuring Company. They escaped custody the same evening. Death totals included dozens of Glasspine Guardians, but no civilians. They were also considered prime suspects in the case of missing Glasspine Guardian, Fenix.

The result was a reformation of Glasspine politics at the hands of political activist Jasiat Eran. A Blackwater sympathizer, Jasiat stabilized the economic situation in Glasspine and clear edthe name of Blackwater Adventuring Company so they may regarded back as heroes and liberators. It was also confirmed that Fenix collaborated with them willingly to save his home. He has been promoted to Captain of the Guard and is adored throughout the city.

As reports of darkspawn come out of Wolfden Vale, they have expressed unexpected hostility toward the city of Glasspine. Believing the attacks are a result of their recent instability and turmoil, Allastair Bertram has threatened war.

in a recent public appearance, Jasiat Eran has reported Blackwater Adventuring Company will be assessing the matter directly.

Kidnapping and possible murder of Clem Watson

Clem Watson, a farmer in the outskirts of Cenandira was reported a missing person by Cenandiran officials after an expected shipment of potatoes never reached the Port Authority. No further report has been provided, but speculation expresses a high possibility of his death at the hands of Blackwater. The victim’s family has been reported seen in Cenandira, but have yet to be detected by officials. This may be a result of Blackwater’s apparent relationship with Cenandira in the case of the Northern Blood Cult.

Northern Blood Cult

Conspiring with the city of Cenandira and the local Fighter’s Guild headed by Nolan Eran, Blackwater ousted a sect of a cult harvesting sheep for blood. The use of the blood is unknown and investigations are being carried out by Cenandiran officials.

Almeria Investigation

Further proving their loyalty to the people of Cenandira and all of Mandragorran, the company has delved into the investigation of drug cartel Almeria. The operation so far has resulted in the apprehension of drug lord Father of the Ocean as well as traitor and former captain of the guard, Horace.

Cenandiran officials report that the investigations will continue until Almeria is fully exposed and brought to a stop.

Blackwater Adventuring Company

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