Wilhelm Van Der Pol

A brother of Johann and mage of cold influence.


“Be quiet, all of you! We have what we need…now it is time for you to see just how capable our Lord is.” He begins an infernal prayer of death, calling for blood and reanimation.

As you approach the a frozen ledge about fifteen feet high, you reveal a more open area. A small body of frigid water sits below a bridge in its middle. On the far end, Orcs sit in a corner while three others gawk at the man speaking. Tall, bulky, with stringy black hair, Wilhelm stands beside a glowing circle in the ground. The corpse of a young lady lay in its center as it begins to convulse and twitch. – Chapter 9: Mountain of Darkness


Wilhelm’s poor village in the Northern Kingdoms proved a home with little hope. As a result, he and his siblings left home to find themselves…to find their power. A dark world awaited them, but each of them found their home in an element. Wilhelm favored the raw frostbitten power of cold and returned home with what he gained.

He discovered only loss as the Goblin War’s lawless influence led to the pillaging of his home. His only remaining family were his siblings, but their respective journeys made it harder to reconnect than ever. The Van Der Pol children had war to attend to anyway.

So they went their seperate ways. Johann Van Der Pol of the Blackwater Adventuring Company knows nothing of where his brother ended up, but has only recently heard his name after years of conflict…and it wasn’t in pleasant context.


After Blackwater Adventuring Company traced Almeria’s base of operations to the Duras Mansion in the outskirts of Argrim, Wilhelm’s secrets were revealed. His collection and mass-murder of dozens of young women was performed under the influence of The Dark Lord in order to resurrect Mojadiin.

Johann and the rest of the company destroyed the mansion and purged his underground lair. His death finally came under the heat of Johann’s flames.

Wilhelm Van Der Pol

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