Spencer Duras


A spoon taps a glass as a man dressed fancily stands up beside a beautiful olive-skinned woman at the front table. His hair is thick, black, and teased back. His face is strong and handsome, yet with what looks a newfound stern.

“Thank you all for attending yet another successful Duras family banquet. Please eat, drink, trade, and gossip as I know your tongues do!” he shouts with a laugh. – Chapter 8: Brawn and Espionage


The current head of the Duras Family.

It was revealed that Spencer Duras found young Nia, former lover of Erik Alain, during her time of refuge during the Goblin War. The Blackwater Adventuring Company discovered his involvement with Almeria, providing them a base of operations and most recently, a hub for Wilhelm Van Der Pol’s evil ritual.

He was confirmed as dead in the wreckage of now burned-down Duras Mansion.

Spencer Duras

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