Rskalir Hammond

Former secretary and de facto Emperor of Glasspine


Human Politician
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Facial Hair/Markings: 5 o’clock shadow


Rskalir entered the ranks of Glasspine officials at the age of 21. He soon became Secretary after personally assisting Liam Eldeen in reforming Glasspine into an autocracy.

Following the announcement of Emperor Eldeen’s assassination by Blackwater Adventuring Company, Rskalir took over as the supreme leader of Glasspine. His first act as ruler resulted in the “discovery” and eradication of a Red Torch outpost hidden in the Glasspine Forest. He quickly placed himself as a hero, destroying a large portion of a terrorist group he was actually involved in creating and coordinating to keep control of the Glasspine public.

It was later revealed that Rskalir had been working with Julian Torch and Liam Eldeen to create fear in the people of Glasspine and maintain a corrupt, controlling government. He himself was the true assassin and had framed Blackwater in the process.


Rskalir was discovered dead on January 1 of 1 AGW by Blackwater Adventuring Company. It is assumed that Liam Eldeen survived the assassination attempt and murdered Rskalir in retaliation just before he was killed himself.

Rskalir Hammond

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