An eternal slave of darkness and lover of Therin. A demon of folklore tales.


Mojadiin is a character of Mandragorran folklore tales. A demon meant to scare young boys back into bed and stay away from trouble. When the mountains stood different and answered to different names, man fought darkness just as it does today and has done so many times since.

Weaved back into the pattern countless times, Mojadiin was the lover of the great King and General, Therin. They adored one another, but Mojadiin lusted after her own strength as well. Mojadiin proved a woman of great ability and power, mastering the arcane as well as Therin mastered the tactics of war.

But as any who hunger for power do, she fell to the temptations of darkness. A vision came to her of strength amidst a shower of blood. It told her what she needed to do. She performed a sacrifice of a young, beautiful palace hand and spoke to the Dark Lord himself. He granted her the power she seeked at the price of service to him for eternity.

She accepted.

Therin’s once great unification of land broke under her reign of death. She led creatures beyond the darkest imagination that flooded cities and burned them to the ground. It was only the remnants of his forces and Therin himself who could fight the final battle against the darkspawn.

Upon the mountain which now resides by Wolfden Vale, Therin struggled against she who was once his bride and lover. He slayed Mojadiin, reducing her to what was still to him the most beautiful a face death could wear.

His wounds and madness killed him as well…and as they lay upon the mountain in a cold embrace – they became dust together.



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