Liam Eldeen

Former Emperor of Glasspine


Human Politician
Skin: White, minor signs of age
Hair: Salt n Peppa
Eyes: Blue
Facial Hair/Markings: Scar on left cheek.


Liam Eldeen was born in 39 BGW (Before Goblin War) to Diana and Christopher Eldeen.

Young Life

Eldeen was an intelligent young man and one very interested in the power of wizardy. However, he grew up in a political family, one often involved on the less favored side. A family of great wealth and influence, the Eldeens retired to the city of Glasspine when Liam was 16. He was to carry on the family name in only the most proper manner – through political power.

Political Career

In 9 BGW, Liam Eldeen became the Duke of Glasspine. Over the course of nine years, he had greatly influenced the Glasspine political system, slowly converting it from a democracy into a borderline autocracy, with his word being final and irrefutable. At the end of the southern Goblin War (Year 0), he mongered the fear of goblin and terrorist threat to make his grip on Glasspine even tighter.

Instilling himself as Emperor, Eldeen controlled all aspects of Glasspine’s economy and military.


On January 1st of 1 AGW, an attempt on Eldeen’s life occurred in the Glasspine town circle during a public hanging of three convicted members of terrorist group The Red Torches. He was immediately rushed for medical attention and was publicly pronounced dead within the hour. The killers had been identified as the Blackwater Adventuring Company and were ordered to be brought to justice immediately.

Rskalir Hammond had taken over as the de facto Duke of Glasspine, but was killed on the same day by the same assailants.

It is now known that Liam practiced dark arts secretly as a Warlock and was indeed controlling the town of Glasspine with Rskalir Hammond and Julian Torch as his accomplices.

Liam Eldeen

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