Johann Van Der Pol

...somewhat unorthodox Fire Mage...


Born out of the cold hills of the Northern Kingdoms, in a small, poor village, Johann Van Der Pol, always found a way to keep his family warm, in a way he could never understand. His parents always knew he was special, so was his 3 younger siblings; Wilhelm, Arjen and Femke, each with their own ability, cold, lightning and psychic, respectively. Each of the Van Der Pol children was sent out on a long journey of discovery, to unlock their own power. When they returned they found their parents murdered, casualties of conflict, of the Goblin War. And so, good children went to war. 


Several years later, after the fog of war was lifted each of the Van Der Pol children went their separate ways.. Johann formed the Blackwater Adventuring Company with other fellow veterans….


Johann's power is drawn from the Fire Element. The Goblin War has left him scarred, mentally and emotionally, his finds closure and comfort in a particular plant that is outlawed in many lands and looked down upon in many more. Although he has many relatives accross the Kingdoms he misses his brothers and sister the most and hopes to return to them soon.


During his journey Johann studied at the Fire Academy of Brandon-Vinnoy-Luxley. Graduated with top honors, under the tutelage of Headmaster Verstaad the Scorched.

With the Blackwater Adventuring Company, he hopes for some distraction from the horrors he had to live through…

Johann Van Der Pol

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