Jasiat Eran

Glasspine revolutionary, Red Torch sympathizer, and current Chancellor of Glasspine


Long dark hair, clean shaven.


Jasiat met the adventurers during their escape from Glasspine. Aiding them in acquiring steeds for their journey, he also offered them sanctuary with his brother Nolan in Cenandira.

He was once a Red Torch sympathizer, but was wary of Julian Torch. His fears were confirmed on the day Julian and Eldeen were extinguished by the Blackwater Adventuring Company.

Promotion to Chancellor

On January 10th, 1 AGW, Jasiat was elected the Chancellor of the new democratic Glasspine government. His hard work and strong vision has led the city to quickly recover from the work of Emperor Eldeen. He has also announced his involvement with Blackwater Adventuring Company and insists they are an honorable group of Goblin War veterans and good citizens helping to make Mandragorran a better place for all of its inhabitants.

Jasiat Eran

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