Jadzia Elon

Proprietor of the Kurzon restaurant in Argrim


“Her ageless face rounds out below lush lips as her sharp blue eyes pierce with a ferocity unexpected of a woman so short and slender. Tattoos of a large feline‚Äôs spots line the sides of her forehead to beneath her temples and her friendly demeanor grants her a lovely glow.” – Chapter 8: Brawn and Espionage


Jadzia is a youthful Human woman who runs the Kurzon restaurant in Argrim. She is identifiable by her firm charm, sharp eyes, and spotted tattoos lining her temples.

A lawful citizen with moral standard, her establishment is one of the few not plagued by fights and unsavory acts. She is a target for Blackwater Adventuring Company as she will be catering a party at the Duras Mansion for high-ranking criminals in the area.

Jadzia Elon

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