Mandragoraan ambassador stationed in Vanya'laide during the Goblin War


“The Red Cough came not too long after…and eventually enough died that we had to take refuge here beneath the library. It seems as a human I am immune. I swear, I tried to keep them as safe as I could.”

He paused to reflect a moment and then said, ”It looks like you already have a couple of fans. I guess you’re their hero now." – Chapter 13: Kolindos en’Anoron


In the beginning of the Goblin War, battle only ravaged the Southern Mandragorran front. But when it bled into the nation of Vanya’laide, an alliance was needed. One that resulted in the creation of and allowance of the Elves into the Council of Kings.

However, the men of Mandragorran found it difficult to trust the distant and long isolated Elves. They determined the need for a human representative on their front. Ferindar would serve as a healer and representative of Mandragorran interests during the war. The Elves did not like it. Until the unexpected happened.

Ferindar Roydiaan of Wolfden Vale fell in love with the mighty Elven monarch, Tári Súrion – and their eventual marriage served to strengthen the union between the nations.

Ferindar lost Tári during the darkspawn siege on Tessaran before the Warriors of Correlon pushed the darkness into the Ways. He mourned in a cabin on the Northwestern coast as the Elves attempted to recover. It was not until the Red Cough outbreak that he was recalled to serve as leader of the people during their second war with the darkness.


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