Operative of the Argrim-Cenandiran Alliance


A man in a dark green cloak makes his way swiftly to and up the ramp onto your vessel. Your crew barely gets a chance to block him.
“Gentlemen, my name is Bashir,” an accented voice says past blocking crewmen. “I’m your contact here in Argrim, the captain should have information on me.”
“He’s good,” the Captain chimes in. “Welcome aboard the Blackwater, Bashir.”
Bashir pulls back his cloak to reveal pointed ears beside prim dark hair.

- Chapter 8: Brawn and Espionage


Bashir is a Half-Elf of 60 years. He has served as an operative for the Almeria investigation in Argrim for the last two months.

He was assigned as Intelligence Officer for the newly formed Argrim-Cenandiran Alliance to ensure the exposure and dissolving of the Almeria ring. He will be working closely with Blackwater Adventuring Company to ensure they have a path to take.


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