Blackwater Adventuring Company

Log 21: The Corellon Crypts

Death below and a visit from the Feywild

Kraiven, Fenix, and his personal squad of Glasspine Guardians stood upon the ravaged bodies in the dark hallway as the others stood behind. It was with a mystic cloud that two women appeared at the whirlpool room’s entrance. Johann took to them without suspicion. He shouted a bit to the others in the hall and questioned the ladies gently.

Fenix sent in the guards to secure the room and he and Kraiven entered. One of the visitors was an elegant Eladrin named Aezriael. On her first visit to the Prime plane from the Feywild, she accompanied her friend Jasmine – a dangerous Halfing mage. They had met during Jasmine’s time spent on the Feywild plane as she made a pact with their dimensional powers to strengthen her own abilities. They looked for no accommodation. They wanted to help.

Honored by the Fey presence, Ferindar begged that they find safety. However, he did graciously accept their assistance eventually. The Halfling and Eldarin were concerned for the Elves and the place of magic that was Vanya’laide. The men lowered their guards and welcomed their new friends.

Fenix and Jasmine continued and inspected the Eastern door. As ornate as the others, it stood just as locked as well. Jasmine determined it would be a difficult one to pick, but certainly possible. They called for Kraiven’s skills, but he was distracted in the Northern hall.

He approached the door at the end of the dark hall to find the same. He offered a keen eye to it and leaned in. It was then that the ceiling began to emit light. The glowing started at his end of the hall and piece by piece began to light it until it reached the end closest to the others. Aezriael stepped in and examined the ceiling alongside him.

Looking up, they noticed the light was coming from what looked like rectangular tiles. Strangely however, they sat behind a pane of glass and looked to be made of some earthly material. The rogue deemed it safe, so Kraiven decided to pick the lock. He did so expertly, but received a spray of toxic gas to his face. He had experienced a trap or two in his time however, and did not fall unconscious despite the foggy stinging behind his eyes.

Fenix stepped through the crowding hall and poked a head into the room they now had access to. He emerged into a high-ceilinged, two-level room with an engraved wall standing isolated at its center. The second level was without a railing and was lined with hanged shields…and quite a few lumbering, heaving figures. He warned the others to ready themselves.

Johann stepped between the group himself to take a look and aim his staff. In the far, high corner, he picked out what looked a creature and it’s bored handler. The fireball exploded with searing heat and lit them ablaze. They howled in pain as the growls in the room revealed more creatures. The battle had begun.

Kicking the door open, Fenix bursted in and landed his mace into a ghast’s abdomen. It crushed the abomindation’s rib cage and took force to be removed. The room was full of them along with a dark Adept of Orcus. He ordered Kraiven forward who slid in and tossed his grappling hook to the corner with the blazing Adept and Ghast.

From the hall, Aezriael summoned her spirit companion with a similar “poof” that her own entrance brought about and sent the glowing stalker cat in. It galloped in deftly and began a striking onslaught. Jasmine channeled into the feeble minds of the creatures and fed them confusing images. The pain they felt left them blinded and debilitated as the others continued their attack. Her quiet low stature allowed her a stealth entrance into the chaos.

Kraiven found himself pinned on the second level by the Adept. Its accompanying ghast tore into his side. He fought with his back to the ledge when the Adept released a necrotic cloud of grave dust. The threat grew in danger as he stepped closer to the edge. Johann opened a portal behind Kraiven to hopefully allow him quick passage back to the first level, but the assassin was knocked unconscious.

It was Fenix’s inspiring words through the portal that woke him. Kraiven stood and buried a twisting dagger into the Adept before allowing him to fall to the level below. The ghast retaliated, but he used his grappling hook to drag him into the transporation portal and lay prone near his battling companions back on the first level.

Jasmine unleashed her psychic rain of pain and teleported herself under the blind gaze of the ghasts. She brought death upon creatures that never saw where their peril originated. Aezriael saw her feline companion fall, but brought it back without a bead of sweat and even offered Kraiven healing spirit.

Ghasts began to jump down from the high ledge. One grappled an odd spot on the wall that revealed its true nature. Clearing whatever clogged the spout, the ghast spilled down with raging water that ran into the now river-like dip in the rooms floor. It poured over the still prone Kraiven and slid him along the floor until the water calmed into a stream.

The fight raged on until the undead died once again in the brilliant flames, sharp blades, crushing blows, and mystic prowess of the company. It was a test of the newcomers strength that they passed with flying colors. This crypt was a place of great spiritual significance to the Elves and Eladrin alike, but was still overrun with the sickening taint of the evil undead.

It truly writhed under the gaze of the Dark Lord.



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