Blackwater Adventuring Company

Log 19: The Temple of Corellon

Spinning Temple Shifting

Ferindar and Seregil stepped out to the outside through the same doors the group entered previously. The sun beat down on Tessaran leaving a haze that remained even after Ferindar temporarily disabled the library’s ward. There seemed to be none of the sick in the roads as he pointed Northwest toward a tall, wood and stone built structure. It was not more than three city blocks away.

When they arrived near it, they revealed a long structure with towers on three corners. The windows on its side were tall, thin, and cracked. A simple, but elegant symbol stood tall at the tip of a tower. There were not at the building’s front, but the side had a forced opening anyway. A hole in the side of the structure surrounded by scorched rubble allowed entrance.

Seregil was quick to explain, “This is the temple of Corellon. The Warriors of Larethian made a stand here against the darkspawn and pushed them into the Ways. There was nowhere else to banish them to. The Ways would give us an advantage…until the Dark One accessed the gate in Irith. Now they fight a war on another plane that we have not heard news from in months.”

Kraiven almost instinctively pulled out his grappling hook to launch to the top of the building. The stealth assassin gained access to the rooftop flawlessly and made his way toward a glass skylight. He looked down to see what can only be described as a church. There were seats in rows, a front area for worship, and a statue. The only difference was the presence of fallen beams and rubble. And ten Red Cough victims writhing in the shade surrounding the skylight’s beam of Sun.

He signaled their presence to the rest silently as they approached the building cautiously. Erik, hoping to take the same path as Kraiven, attempted to reach the rooftop with his grappling hook, but did not have the benefit of his magical item. He decided to quietly enter along with the rest. Their view was much more obscured by the large wooden beam once they neared the opening.

The silence was broken once Kraiven broke a portion of the glass skylight to fire his crossbow at the unsuspecting creatures. His ability to weave in and out of their view kept them frustrated and flustered as Fenix coordinated the charge. Terrasque literally dove in head first, gouging an enemy with his horns as Godric bursted in with an explosive entrance. The rest moved in to a dark corner to take them on one-by-one. Kraiven rappelled to flank the enemies and finish them off with sinister slices. They were no match for the company’s prowess.

“We must get to the paths below,” Ferindar said. “The Waygate stands there…but I am afraid I have not seen it in some time. I have no idea what the warriors locked down there and left behind. Here, place this upon the symbol. It is the eye of Gruumsh.” Ferindar handed over a fautless jade stone.

A distant crowd of groans and screams echoed through the empty Tessaran streets.

“We haven’t much time!” Seregil shouted. “They know we’re here. I saw them led by a darkspawn!”

The stone fit loosely in the statue’s center but then held tight. It became darkly clouded before clearing and loosening again to be taken back. The statue noisily and heavily slid aside to reveal a dark stair case.

“Hurry!” screamed Seregil. She fired an arrow standing upon a pile of rubble. Only a second passed before a flowing dark cloak glided into view and skewered her on a black barbed blade.

It stood there, holding her in her stance as dozens of victims of the red cough poured in.

“Get the hell down there and shut this bloody thing!” yelled Ferindar.

The platform began to slide closed quickly, but allowed the horde to near. One reached halfway through before the momentum of it closed shut on its torso. Half of the sickly elf squished onto the cement flooring as darkness poured in.

Ferindar collapsed against the wall and punched it in frustration. “I can’t protect them. I couldn’t protect Tari, and I couldn’t protect Seregil.”

By the light of Johann’s flame, the wall read:

Bring forth the beauty that envelops and let the spirit gambol unfettered.
Ward against those that would destroy what they cannot create.
Commune with the natural and mystical world.
Be ever vigilant against the return of the banished darkness.



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