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Where you left off: 01/15/15

You guys traversed through the Correlon Crypts below Tessaran. You were guided by Ferindar, the de facto monarch of Tessaran after the death of his wife and former queen Tári Súrion during the sieges toward the end of the Goblin War.

A ritual was required at the end that demanded the blood of the Bringers of Dawn. You obliged. Unfortunately, Ferindar did not only lead you to a Waygate, but also deceived you into triggering a sort of self-destruct for the entire city. To him, it’s withering and dying inhabitants, infected with the Red Cough, were beyond saving. His guilt and burden finally lifted, he committed suicide on the mountain top before giving you the final directions toward the Ways.

His last words begged you to warn the Elves fighting a war within the Ways and to collapse the whole dimension upon reaching the Wolfden Vale Waygate. It was the only way to save the Elven people and Mandragorran itself.

Blackwater Adventuring Company

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